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flores lane

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Collection Fragrance
07: Upper West Side An earthy blend of cedar wood, pine and citrus.
08: LES A fabulous blend of bayberry, pine and amber.
09: SOHO A soft and mild mixture of green tea and bamboo.
10: Astoria A fresh blend of basil, sage and mint.
11: Chelsea An exotic and bold blend of grapefruit, mango and citrus.
12: Williamsburg Warms notes of tobacco mixed with rich patchouli.
Soy Candle Travel Kit Explore the world with our candles in hand; don't worry, we included all of them, and they have a burn time of around 10 hours! NYC Travel Kit includes 6 2 oz candles: (1) 2 oz. Upper West Side (1) 2 oz. SOHO (1) 2 oz. Astoria (1) 2 oz. LES (1) 2 oz. Chelsea (1) 2 oz. Williamsburg

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